Project : Fibre Optic Network Infrastructure Client : TPG

Ongoing Contract : Site survey, Horizontal drill, Civil excavation, Pit and pipe installation, Cable hauling, In-building installation, Fibre splicing and testing, Traffic control

Project : Fibre to the Node Client : NBN

Ongoing Contract : Civil excavation, cable hauling, copper jointing and commissioning

Project : Fibre Network expansion Client : Vocus

Ongoing Contract : Site survey, Horizontal drill, Civil excavation, pit and pipe installation, cable hauling, in- building installation, fibre splicing and testing, traffic control



Project : Thomas Street Public Domain Improvement Client : CA&I

Contract works : Installation of trenching and backfill, underground conduits, street light footings, smart pole with luminaires

Project : Wyong Lighting Waterfront Plaza Client : QMC

Contract works : Installation of pits, underground conduits, footings, posts with Luminaires, power and public lighting

Project : Bondi Tunnels Client : QMC

Contract works : Conduit and cable works, lighting and power works, emergency lighting and fire detection system

Project : Street lighting Carnes Hill Client : Freshwater Electrical

Contract works : Installation of street lighting, pits, underground conduits, cabling lighting and power

Project : Alfords Point Road Widening Client : NACE Civil

Contract works : Street installation of underground infrastructure

our projects

We have completed Stage 1 of this project with works including RMS Street Lighting, ITS Fibre Network, CCTV, power and communications for a brand new VMS. Stage 2 will commence in February, 2017.